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Here you will read stories and testimonials of inspiration and transformation of Sanna’s clients who have achieved remarkable changes in their lives.

 Here are three examples: 

  1. P.’s termination of a 35-year addiction to Diet Pepsi
  2. The surgeon who confirmed E.S.’s intestinal cyst had disappeared and had to cancel the surgery.
  3. The principal dancer at one of the top five ballet companies resolved an undiagnosable limp following foot surgery. She was able to return to the stage for one more year before her retirment.

 The courageous individuals, ages seven to eighty-eight, have taken bold steps to conquer anxiety, depression, food addiction, physical pain, intense emotions, and guilt due to trauma and mishap. Their stories will re-ignite your faith in the possibility of emotional freedom and positive change.

 Choose the category that resonates with you and read about others who embraced the healing journey, just like you can.


Within you is a strength greater than any life challenge!

Health & Medical Empowerment

Medical Confirmation of a Cyst That Disappeared Overnight!
“When I embarked upon this journey of faith, miracles, and healing, little did I know it would be a journey so unforgettable and eye opening for me.”

Panicking, E.S. called me after she was scheduled for surgery for a dissection and cyst removal that perforated her intestinal wall. During The CHI experience, we addressed emotional trauma stemming from early life trauma. Alchemy, Emotional Freedom Technique, and hypnotherapy empowered her for dissection surgery. That evening, her fever broke and she reported feeling an “abdominal rush.”

After a CAT scan the next morning, Dr. H. walked into E’s room confused and shocked because the cyst was completely gone and the tissue was healed — her surgery was canceled!

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Eating & Food Issues

From 10 cans of Diet Pepsi a day to ZERO

“Diet Pepsi used to be a part of my life. Now, I don’t think about it! I don’t want it ever again! I’m done!”

Since 1980’s, J.P. was addicted to Diet Pepsi. She drank 8 to 10 cans per day — a habit that not only affected her physical health but led to intense shame and guilt. J.P. terminated the 8-10 Diet Pepsi addiction after her FLASH HEALING Partnership. Together, we worked through the emotional connection and sensory experience related to the addiction. I applied Emotional Freedom Technique, hypnotherapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. In 2020, J.P. informed me that she is still DIET PEPSI FREE!!!

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Stress, Anxiety, & Depression

“After years of struggle and six months after completing The Fearless Introspect, M. remains depression free.” 

  1. Suffered from depression since childhood. The depression was tracked to neglect and abuse from his narcissistic mother. Using Emotional Freedom Technique and Hellinger Constellations, M. released the burden of his mother’s rage, cleared the earliest traumas, and developed a repertoire to reset the imprint of anxiety and depression.

“God blessed you with a brilliant mind. Your insight is phenomenal, your perception is beyond words. You helped me transform my life into someone I never thought I could become. I have now shed the life-long baggage. In that sacred place, miracles did happen for me and my life is forever changed.” S.E., From Hurt To Healed Retreat

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Performance & Testing Empowerment

Prima ballerina returns to the stage.

“After one session with Sanna, as I walked away, I noticed I was no longer limping.”

After a necessary surgery and physical therapy, ballet dancer S.R. was limping, a symptom her doctors could not explain. Devastated because she could not dance for her final season before retirement, a fortuitous meeting offered her the opportunity for healing the emotional hold on the foot. The 90-minute session included body-centered medical hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Family Constellation processes. While in a deep trance state, S.R. explored the connection between her sadness regarding her injury and loss of ability to dance, and separation from family who live in another country. Together, we processed sorrow stemming from unresolved issues with her mother. After the session, S.R. walked down the hall and the limp was gone. She returned to the stage to dance her final season with one of the top ballet companies in the USA.

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Professional Testimonials

“Sanna is truly brilliant. As a medical doctor who uses natural therapies before medications, I highly recommend Sanna Carapellotti for patients who wish to explore emotional, mental, and spiritual elements that may be influencing a person’s ability to be well and stay well. The power of the mind is no secret. When one is enlightened, healing can occur with ease, on many levels.”

— Valerie Donaldson, M.D., Regenerative Physician.

“What makes Sanna so unique is her honest devotion and commitment to her clients. You can really feel her care. Everyone I have recommended to Sanna has benefited immensely. Her compassion and calming presence create instant ease in those she treats. With great skill and knowledge, she can excavate to the core of an issue. Sanna helps her clients attain quick and lasting results.”

— Mark Wolynn, Director of Northern California Family Constellation Institute 

“Sanna creates a safe, low stress place to address deep issues. She is an amazing guide to create positive life changes. She is well worth the investment. She is great!”

— Bonnie Budzowski, Credible Messages, Pittsburgh

“Sanna has a nice way with her clients. She has an utmost respect for them and their concerns. Her work is authentic. I highly recommend Sanna.” 

— Amy Stine, MD, Pittsburgh, PA

“Sanna came into my life over 5 years ago and introduced herself to me as a therapist who uses “Energy Psychology” in her clinical practice. I have referred a number of clients to her for both individual and group work. My clients have benefitted from her advanced hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques. On a personal note when Sanna demonstrates her newest hypnotic induction, I go immediately into trance. She truly is a master.”

— Dorothy McCall Ph.D., L.S.W., Pittsburgh, PA.

“Thank you SO much, Sanna! I always have admired you, and it’s clear to me that you embody what you teach others. I think the best therapists/healers have gone through their own journey as well.”

— S. B., Behavioral Therapist

“The time our men’s basketball program spent with Sanna was extremely fruitful. She was able to bring our student-athletes to a place mentally that none of them had experienced before. After the first meeting, we had a new found confidence that led to our best performance of the season. She provided us with techniques that we used during practice, pre-game talks, halftime talks and even during timeouts that proved to improve our focus and overall performance. I have had the opportunity to work with well known sport psychologists who charge very high prices for their time, and my experience with Sanna was so much more productive and beneficial! Sanna really understands how the human body and mind work together for optimal performance. Her program was an incredible experience and I would recommend Sanna to work with you or your program. I know I will have her work with my men’s basketball team again next season!”

— John Lamana, Head Coach, Franciscan University Basketball Team

“I usually think this stuff is hocus pocus, but I actually slept really well with Sanna’s Ultimate Sleep program. It is very effective and calming. I slept well and felt rested. I don’t hear it all the way through because I am sleeping soundly. I endorse Ultimate Sleep for Sports and Competition as another tool to help improve athletic performance.”

— Edmund Nelson, Steeler Analyst

“Sanna is a professional but also very compassionate and caring. She brings her expertise and knowledge and experience of psychotherapy and the warmth of her personality to the session. I left the experience with a better understanding of myself and the many facets of my life’s journey that contribute to my anxiety. My self-awareness has given me increased confidence to address challenges and set goals for my future. I am grateful to have the opportunity to continue to work with Sanna both personally and professionally.”

— Jacquie Algaier, Oncology Massage Therapist

Audio, Podcasts, & Videos

State Champion Ultimate Sleeps!  “J. has been really having a hard time “getting his head right”. He’s had a terribly hard schedule, football, tons of homework, etc – and only getting 5 hours of sleep a night. He’s so stressed that he wakes up every hour. He finally decided to try the Ultimate Sleep cd. I bought it four months ago! He put on the cd, and when I peeked in on him after 15 min, he was sound asleep – checked 30 min later and still sound asleep – the next night I check after about 30 min, and he was out – no tv, no lights – on the third night he just turned off the tv and lights and went to sleep – even without the cd!

 He’s gotten more rest and more quality sleep … J. H.’s Mom, State Wrestling Champion, GA

“Sanna’s voice put me to sleep. I did not even care what she said! She could have been selling me land in the middle of Africa. It was a nice surprise to be lulled to sleep, but not in a sexual way. It’s like you want to sleep.” 
Jim Graham, The Sleep CD, Seattle

 “After listening to Ultimate Sleep, I feel more attentive when I am racing. My awareness on the water has increased markedly. I am more responsive — I find the balance – adapt a technique you created … & execute what Coach Cox is asking more easily. I recommend Ultimate Sleep!” Wendy Lomicka, Crew Competitor, PA

“My Mom bought Stepping to Sleep for me as a gift. I thought it was strange, because I was so used to not sleeping and I did not think I could sleep better. After the first night I slept better. The second night I slept even better. The third morning I woke up and jumped out of bed! 

I was thrilled. My teacher noticed a change in my attitude, my turns and energy.” This CD is very a good thing to have.
 I listen to STEPPING TO SLEEP several times a week. The big news is that I am dancing the lead in our Winter performance!” Lisa B., age 12, Houston, TX

“Your podcasts are great. It was very very helpful and effective for me.” Carl Weisbrod, HI

“Could you do more on Weight Loss? I learn a lot from your talks.” Linda Eastman, AL