Changing the Mind of the Body

Imagine this: your doctor recommends “1000 healings a day” instead of Prozac. Initially, you may doubt the suggestion, but it piques your interest.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that stress accounts for 80-90% of visits to a primary care physician.

While doctors may not directly inquire about your stress levels or past trauma, it is well known that long-term stress and childhood adversity affect adult health.


The conscious and subconscious mind powerfully directs the body’s functioning. The mind comprises your thoughts, beliefs, imagination, emotions, and how you perceive what happened to you.

==> Your mind matters.

The mind-body system is naturally equipped to recover from stress of all kinds. How you process stress and your positive experiences is unique.

Your interpretations, emotional reactions, and resources shape the narrative you think, believe, and speak, affecting every cell. The question is not what happened but how you mind what happened.

It is possible to experience pain even when trying to accept love, which is generally considered a positive experience.

Understanding the impact of negative and positive energy on health is crucial.


Recent scientific discoveries suggest that the body is energy, meaning energetic movements, pulses, constrictions, and flows rather than matter. How you think and your corresponding emotions fuel the energy that creates the energy in the body and how it feels.

Are you feeling negative?

When you dwell on negative thoughts or complain with intense emotion, a flow of stress-inducing chemicals and hormones is released, like acid rain, leading to more negative feelings and physical symptoms.

Anger floods the body with over 1200 chemicals and hormones. While occasional anger is not harmful, knowing the impact of frequent, intense anger is essential.

Do you know that the risk of having a heart attack increases five times within two hours after experiencing rage?

Everyone encounters good and bad situations daily, from minor injuries to major tragedies. Stress, if prolonged, causes insidious distress, activates survival instincts, and increases pain, tension, and suffering.


You can be standing in front of a beautiful sunset and completely miss it.

If the body can store strong, negative emotions of the past, can frequent, intense feelings of love, joy, compassion, and connection also be stored?


Want to Feel More Positive?

Taking conscious charge of your thoughts – how you think and speak, affects your cells profoundly.

Energy patterns are generated based on what you repeat in the mind and your emotions. Therefore, intentionally experiencing frequent and genuine joy leads to minding and feeling more joy.

Just like the mind of the body can feel angry, you can program the mind-body to feel more positive emotions. The beliefs you create make you!

Taking in our beautiful world through daily experiences of love, beauty, and kindness can bring extraordinary healing in your cells and life.

You have the power to be re-creative. 

In the second part, I will teach you how to increase joy and love based on the latest research in neuroplasticity.