The Core Healing InitiativeTM
The Partnership That Propels You To Live in Peace

Sanna is brilliant in this work.” — Valeri Donaldson, M.D., Functional Medicine

Ready to Take the Frustration Out of Healing?

The Core Healing InitiativeTM is a dynamic partnership designed to help you go from hurt to healed at a faster pace than conventional beliefs allow. Has anyone made the connection between your current symptoms and the early life or inherited struggles that rattle the cage of your worse nightmare? Feeling scared and frustrated about healing is more common than you think.

If you need help with healing the hurts, let’s get started.

Your First Step: Take the Is CHI for Me Survey!

Your life and healing are personal, and not everyone is a good fit for every available methodology or practitioner. Lack of good healing is costing you. 

Let’s make sure that you’re right for this level of work. Please, take a moment and respond to the questions on the Is CHI for ME Survey, and then we’ll talk.

Your Second Step: Connect On A Discovery Call.

After completing the survey, click below to schedule a 30-minute Discovery Call. We’ll discuss your survey responses, and together, we’ll decide if working together is in your best interest. During the call, you’ll experience a little bit of CHI coaching!

“You gave me hope in a few minutes time. So worth while.” Marilyn, PA

Your Struggles and Transformation are Personal

My philosophy and practices recognize your innate healing capacity. Life experiences contribute to stress and are commensurate to the value and meaning associated with what happened. This no-blame focus offers an opportunity to gently face childhood and inherited programming, the health of the family system, difficult events or trauma, and mainly, to accept the power over past events.

The struggles you experience might fall into one of The Four Systemic Drains, or if you don’t know why you suffer, no worries. Together, we make the connections and re-create your good life, despite what occurred. 

Your symptoms can be a symptom of childhood stress and generational trauma. For example, stress eating can be relieved after healing childhood grief, abuse, or medical trauma. Your symptoms and lifeline direct us to uncover the core cause that set the patterns in motion.

The Four Systemic Drains:

  •    Stress, Acute, Childhood, or Generational Trauma
  •    Surgery and Recovery Empowerment; Medical Trauma; Illness Management
  •    Junk Food Termination and Stress Eating
  •    Athletic and Academic Performance Blocks

The Energy Psychology Methods: 

Energy psychology (EP) offers a wide range of adaptable methods for healing mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical stress. These evidence-based modalities, along with my guidance, facilitate transformations that occur on-the-spot and after the session has ended.

  •    Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  •    Trauma Tapping
  •    Generational Family Constellations (solo)
  •    Alchemical Hypnotherapy
  •    Neurolinguistic Programming
  •    Neuroplasticity: Rewiring the Ailing Brain
  •    Yoga and Breath Work
  •    Somatic Experiencing
  •    GenoGrams for Family and Personal Pattern Mapping
  •    HeartMath Coaching; Coping Skills

All CHI partners manage stress and anxiety with select instructional videos, guided audios, potent nutraceuticals, and other professional resources.

The Core Healing InitiativeTM Options

How to Begin the Journey

The CHI partnership is an opportunity to discover hidden aspects of your life that continue to be troublesome and strengthening. Whether you are tapping on acupressure points, setting up the family, or lying back in a hypnotic trance, you are in constant contact with the subconscious mind where your life and the life of your ancestors reside. These options open the door for profound awareness and connection to self, family, and culture.

While some of the outcomes are desired, some were unexpected gifts because of sheer determination and will. Here are a few examples of surprise outcomes: an overnight cyst healing (medically confirmed), phone call from a family member who was outcast, or termination of nail-biting.

You can select from three options to best meet your needs and the depth you want to start your recovery. A Discovery Call can shed light and offer additional information on the three options and which is best for you. 

There is an immediate result. You create so much change in one session that took six months in talk therapy.Konrad Mayr, Sabika Jewelry

The CHI Options

Flash Healing is ideal for someone who has anxiety about an upcoming event, such as surgery, performance, or exam, or can resolve a recent incident or a problematic habit.

Client outcomes:

  • Soaring confidence and determination
  • Improved test scores
  • Removal of performance blocks
  • Trauma release
  • Emotional freedom
  • Increased energy and success
  • Fearless bravery
  • Life altering perspectives
  • Profound clarity
  • Bold Initiatives
  • Less pain and medications
  • Faster incision healing
  • Effective Physical Therapy
  • Improved Recovery

The Bold Intensive is ideal for someone ready to clear long-standing patterns, resolve trauma, and re-script past conditioning.

Client outcomes:

  • Increased Self-love
  • Courage to pursue dreams and desires
  • Freedom from life-long emotional hurt
  • Coming to terms with aspects of grief and loss
  • Increased income
  • Career Changes
  • Emotional Freedom
  • Improved sleep and habits
  • Compassion for family
  • Junk food termination
  • Increased productivity and commitments
  • improved relationships

The Fearless Introspect is ideal for someone who is at a crossroad, feels empty and wants an in-depth review of their life. This CHI option includes mind-body guidance. 

Client Outcomes:

  • Body healing
  • Termination of Medicines (under medical supervision only)
  • Finding a soul mate
  • Becoming pregnant
  • Termination of fears and phobias
  • Lifelong depression terminated
  • Childhood trauma released
  • Medical trauma released
  • Career change
  • Clear boundaries
  • Moving to the city of dreams
  • Weight loss
  • Overall increased wellbeing and joy

The Core Healing Initiative helps individuals who struggle with stress and anxiety, want a dynamic, holistic approach that produces rapid results. Is this you?

Your decision and commitment is an investment in your life. Whatever you choose, I wish you many moments of peace and life-long transformation.

DISCLAIMER: The CHI Partnership is a process healing experience of limited duration offering rapid and lasting results for individuals who follow specific guidelines and instructions. Individuals who are enrolled in the partnership process solely under my guidance and compassionate direction.

I do not diagnose, offer medical or pharmaceutical advice.