Real Stories

“I attended your From Hurt to Healed retreat in 2018. I was trapped in a bad marriage, was overweight, no job or skills, and lived next door to a highly demanding, narcissistic mother.

Several months later, I attended Sanna’s yoga class and she did not recognize me. I lost 45 pounds, was divorced, sold my house, moved away from mom, am working full time and was free and happier than I have been in a lifetime. “I am bubbling over with joy and self-love, and am living my dream thanks to you! You transformed me.”

— J.P.

“Excellent session. Coming here is an immediate result. You create so much change in one session that took six months in talk therapy.”

— Konrad Mayr, VP of Operations, Sabika Jewelry

“Thank you for the work you do and the impact you have brought to my life. I manage anxiety, am sleeping, and setting boundaries! My perspectives are always clearer after working with you than years in traditional counseling. Your approach to overall health and wellbeing is extraordinarily healing.” 

— C.M.

“Sanna, you’ve been the most influential person in my life.  Not just over these last 31/2 years, but my lifetime. I’m astounded at how my life has changed in so many wonderful ways thanks to you helping me believe in myself.” 

— S.E., Pittsburgh, PA

“Thank you for giving me my life back. My pain is 80 % less and I am living – again.” 

—A.S.W., Philadelphia.

”I must say I was deeply surprised at the speed at which I felt better. Sanna, you are amazing.” — Lyn G., Childhood Issues, Pittsburgh, PA

“Thank you Sanna. You have no idea how much you helped me in three session. Honestly, I thought I was going crazy. I will see you again.” Lisa G., Columbus, Oh

“Thank you so much for connecting me to inherited trauma AND healing it. Your insights were shared in a way that gave me hope and I feel empowered to care for myself after years of neglecting me. I am in a good place to move forward with clarity and insight.” 

— B. K.

The Fearless Introspect Partnership has provided the biggest breakthroughs we have ever had in all the years of doing couples work, and it was not even therapy!!! We cannot thank you enough.” 

— K. and C.

“I can’t quite put into words how much you have already helped both D.(husband) and me. I’m already looking at D. with new eyes and enjoying the reconnecting, hugging and getting to establish that bond with him again. To think I was about to divorce him! I feel like a good mother and that feels good too.” 

— L.P.

“The sessions were more than what I got in 6 years of therapy. Meeting you was a special day for me. You have such grace! We didn’t work through any of that in therapy. You are very gifted. I am loving who I am — let’s do the deep dive (Fearless Introspect).” 

— P.H.

“I feel like I have been in a coma and just woke up! I was crying every day for the past year and have not cried since I saw you last month. The anxiety in my chest is gone. I am so free.” 

— D. A.

“Sanna, you are the most effective therapist my daughter has ever seen. She had seen way too many with little change. Thank you. As a mom, seeing her happy warms my heart.” 

— B.S.

“You are the quintessential therapist. I was in therapy for years and what we accomplished in a short period of time was astounding. Seriously, you changed my life and everyone is noticing! I have taken matters into my own hands, setting boundaries. All I had wanted to be is now being lived!” 

— B.A.C.

“You are so gifted as a healer and I have seen many for years. I still recall the power of that session with you. It literally changed my life many times over. It kept expanding and deepening just like you said. I have no big, heavy baggage any more!

— S. G.

“Sanna, Your work has been wonderful; I am fully integrated both internally and with my forefathers. I am finally free! It is amazing to me that I have been working on myself for 21 years and you helped me put everything into perspective in The Flash Healing. I was ready for this work. Worth it!” 

— W.

“I have been working on meditation and self affirmations like we talked about. I have not had any problems with overdrinking. I wanted to let you know that my sister in-law noticed a difference in me the day I came back from my appointment with you. She said she felt like before she couldn’t get close to me like I was keeping myself at a distance from truly befriending her. I had no idea she felt this way and I hadn’t changed anything about the way we communicate. But I think that the change she noticed was in my energy.” 

— E.R.

“I honestly haven’t felt urges of jealousy and the cigarette cravings have been minimal to none. When I left I just remember driving home and visibly noticing how much brighter everything looked to me, it was like a film was taken off of my eyes and weight off of my shoulders. I feel unburdened! I had hidden answers to a lot of questions from my past.”

— R.E.

“I had 5 sessions with Sanna. She improved my stress level tremendously. I am very focused and have become positive in all that I do. I have a sense of self professionally that I am ‘invincible’ in what I am capable of accomplishing. I project self-confidence and positive energy. I used to take a Xanax prescription for anxiety and I no longer need it.” 

— E. B.

“I made the decision to leave my job just a few days ago. No fear or resistance. Just a quiet voice: “Okay. You’re done here.” I can’t tell you how grateful I am for you, Sanna. I couldn’t have done any of this without your guidance. I wake up in the morning smiling and completely free of fear and anxiety and old stress. The energy work and EFT that you and I did was so critical to my healing. I feel compelled to share it. Thank you for being such a blessing in my life, Sanna. I’m overflowing with joy every day! :)” 

— A.C.

“After my husband’s sudden death, I lost all faith. You tuned in to my masked depression and gently inspired me out of a very dark hole. I see and feel light now and cary my husband forward with me. Sanna had a charming way of finding things I could grab onto to survive.” 

— S.G.

“The trauma issue I struggled with has resolved after attending Sanna’s retreat. I know I have other work to do, but this big piece freed me and gave me my breath back.”

— T. B., Rte 91 Shooting Survivor, Las Vegas.

“It’s amazing working with you. You make HUGE differences. I literally walk away a different person than when we started. Thank you! You are a gift, a blessing. The world needs you.”

— C.M., Zimbabwe. 

“I called you about my 10-year-old son’s behavior. You told me I had personal work to do first. After my experience, his behavior has already changed! I am shocked and happy at the same time. He’s happier too! You’re right – when I heal, so do my children.”


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