Real Stories

“I appreciate all you have done to help me understand my life’s journey and help me find a better path to travel.”

— Kevin Barlow, San Francisco 49ers

“I don’t know if you recall that you treated an athlete from Pitt last week, but, as his uncle, I would like to say THANK YOU! He was a great wrestler but never had the confidence and composure to finish strong at national finals. Late this season he had been wrestling way below his capability and was on a losing streak. That was not the case this weekend – he wrestled strong and dominated. He won an “All American” title – 8th in the nation.”

— C.Horvath

“Your work single-handedly changed the way I performed as a dancer, I got into The Rock, Alvin Ailey, and Alonzo King Lines Ballet. I’ll carry your lessons forward in my life.” 

— Bethany Bengston

“The time our men’s basketball program spent with Sanna was extremely fruitful. She was able to bring our student-athletes to a place mentally that none of them had experienced before. After the first meeting, we had a new found confidence that led to our best performance of the season. She provided us with techniques that we used during practice, pre-game talks, halftime talks and even during timeouts that proved to improve our focus and overall performance. My experience with Sanna was highly productive and beneficial! 

Sanna really understands how the body and mind work together for optimal performance. Her program was an incredible experience and I would recommend Sanna to work with you or your program. I know I will have her work with my men’s basketball team again next season!”

— John Lamana, College Basketball Coach

“Sanna completely understands the ‘inner game’ of performers. With a few words, she guides us toward our potential, not only in our chosen career but also as human beings.” 

— J.H. (pianist)

“Sanna, C. is now a freshman at college. The work you did with him last Spring in helping him overcome his injury was prfound. He went on to be one of the key pitchers for the team and although he only pitched a portion of the season due to the injury – he received an All-Conference Honorable Mention as a pitcher! We are so proud of him for overcoming, and we know the work you did with him was a turning point.” 

— C.D.

“The nursing exam went really well. I scored 1103 when what I needed was a 925! I went in with a positive attitude and clarity, told myself I know this information, and remained calm while testing. After three failures, I was relieved and thrilled! I took my boards in December, which were a breeze, and passed the first time.”

— Q. K.

“Sanna has a gift when it comes to helping dancers focus and prepare for performance. I have watched her use her talents on many occasions to calm nervous dancers and to draw out the best from within each individual backstage at Pittsburgh Youth Ballet.” 

— V.F.

“My menstrual cramps stopped after 4 rounds of tapping (down from a 9 to 0 on the SUDS scale). I had to dance in a performance within minutes. I was impressed and relieved! We were all so thankful that Sanna was backstage helping us prepare for performance.” 
Nicole, Pittsburgh, PA

“I went to one of Sanna’s sessions because of extreme performance anxiety and negative thinking. Sanna spent so much time with me and also came along before my session to observe my sport and what it entailed. I experienced so much positive energy out of my session. We did guided imagery and visualization. When the big day came, instead of feeling like I was going to die and walk off the floor in front of the judges, I felt really confident, had complete control over my breathing, and knew I could do a great job. I went out and performed for ME, for what I love. You worked a miracle. I thought I could never do it!” 

— A.B (ice skating champion)

“Thanks again for your good work yesterday. Worked hard on the LSAT practice tests last night, and then I woke up with a good solid view of how best to tackle the test. I was able to come back and focus. Aced all of the questions I tried, too. So great, after so much struggle.” 

— T. C. (LSAT prep)

“Making varsity was all that mattered to me. Now I realize how much I was getting in my own way. It was no one else’s fault except mine. Everyone notices that my attitude has changed. I am strong and determined. You are worth the investment.” 

— J. M.

“I had no idea my mind was THAT influential in how I perform. Now I make trust that I make the difference in my auditions, how I develop my characters and prepare myself! The choreographer told me that I really nailed the performance.” 

M.T. (actor)

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