Real Stories

You launched me on a journey to shift a lifetime of negative thoughts and fears.. I’ve dabbled in bits and pieces from meditation and breath work to therapy and pilates; however, your bespoke meditation, EFT support, insight, and fabulous humour have achieved more for me in four hours than a lifetime of other stuff. This is especially important to me as I work towards healing my body from cancer. I am so grateful that you have shown up to provide me such invaluable support and emotional healing. And what’s even more extraordinary, is that you’ve done all of this with you in Pittsburgh and me in London! I wish I could speak to you every day but that would be over-indulgence! 

— Miranda 

“The hospital put me in the wrong room and pain medication for my knee surgery was delayed causing terrible pain; however, I powered through the pain quite well. Nurses and doctors were impressed and wanted to know how I managed. I told them about the audios and private session with you. You work miracles! THANK YOU”! 

— D. P.

“I went to the doctors yesterday and they said I am 2 to 3 weeks ahead of schedule after total shoulder replacement surgery. I told them that you are to be thanked!” 

— B.A.R.

“Great self-hypnosis surgery prep work with Sanna. What a blessing and help going into traumatic quadruple by-pass surgery. I was so calm, my nurses and doctors could not believe it. I was calming everyone else down!”

— J.Q.S

“Sanna, you are my hero! I was able to get (mouth) impressions done for dentures and the best news is that the gag reflex was gone! FinalIy, I feel comfortable in the dentist chair.” 

— B. S.

When I leave your office, I always feel happier and stronger for longer periods of time. I drive for over 3 hours to see you. You are worth it.” 

— D.M.

“I was told by the surgeon that I had less than a 10% chance of surviving the surgery AND if I survived, the lung cancer treatment would be excruciatingly painful. Well, I SURVIVED THANKS TO YOU! I was fired up!’ The nurses and doctors kept asking ‘Doesn’t it hurt? Doesn’t it hurt?’ I had to tell them to shut up and let me be! I had very little pain. It was a pinch!!” 

— W. D.

“My friends kept asking me, ‘Aren’t you scared?’ I went to my knee surgery in my power. I healed faster and had very little pain!” 

— R. P.

WE HAVE A BABY! Michelle is now 1.5. You helped us with conception. I am still in shock, that after five invitros and the docs telling us that we would be childless, that we have a baby! 

— L. and M.

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