Real Stories

“Sanna taught me about my relationship with food and how to consciously connect with the what, when, why, and how of eating. A little time, attention, and intention has made a world of difference. NOW, I EAT WHAT I WANT, AND I DON’T WANT JUNK or BAD FOOD! Sanna’s so  insightful. I am happier, sleep better, and have LESS ANXIETY! Sanna made a difference.” 

— D.C.

“For the first time in my life, I’ve met the goal of losing weight and what was weighing me down. I am the only one who can change my life. What you have done is radically change the way I respond to, and live in, my life. All hail to you”

— T.C.

“No one could believe that I stopped drinking Mountain Dew! At family functions, they still buy a six pack to tempt me. They were in the habit of buying it for me, like you said. After four attempts to sabotage me, they said, ‘You really are done with the Dew!’ YES. I. AM.”   

— L.

“When I walked into the Party Mind class, I wanted to eat the cookies on the tray. After EFT, I couldn’t smell the cookies and no longer had any desire to eat them. I was around cookies all month and haven’t had any interest in eating any. Amazingly! I am FREE! I feel very empowered to manage myself throughout the holidays. I’m in charge!”

— M.J.

“After my baby brother died, when I was three and he was fourteen months, the only time my Mom smiled was when I ate more food. I’ve been subconsciously overeating my entire life! I was shocked that I was still acting this behavior out as an adult! At the age of 3, I made this decision (and I have never articulated this) to eat to make Mom happy so she would not be sad. This was unbelievably transformative. I STOPPED OVEREATING!” 

— S.D.

“I went for my yearly checkup this week and my doc was thrilled with progress. My glucose level is NORMAL, T values are good, cholesterol dropped, and my blood pressure was at an all time low. She said ‘keep doing what you are doing!’ My Doctor said I was working my way off of all of my meds. Best check up I’ve ever had!” 

— M.J.S.

“I never realized how difficult it was to have a meal with my parents when I was little, but it was all right there – they fought and I ate; they bickered and I ate. Today when I feel angry I eat! It makes sense. I cleared the table of this conflict and stopped eating my anger.” 

— E.M.

“At family dinner today, I did not overeat! You helped me see things more clearly and I’m thinking differently with my open mind. You’re right – I can heal the hurt!“ 

— J. M.

“Using stress reduction, EFT, and habit awareness is the way to lose weight. DIETS DON’T WORK! You kept me on track and confident. I needed full service support. I slowly lost weight, stopped sneaking food, and lost the 25 lbs!!!” It has been 2 years!”

— R.D.

“Because I ate big bowls of ice cream every night to help me deal with divorce trauma, I have put on twelve pounds. In her Flash Healing session, we reset how I was perceiving the divorce. I have not touched ice cream, am losing the weight, and feel determined to do the right thing, rather than feeling victimized.” 

— L. D.

“I was eating 6-8 Ho-Hos every night. They melted in my mouth and took away suppressed anger that I had no idea I had! You have so many gifts, Sanna. I will never forget these sessions with you. I have not touched a Ho-Ho and discovered who I was really angry at, and lost a few pounds too, which was another gift!

— M.A.C.

“Went on a cruise the next day after the wksp. When I would eat real fast, I remember what you said about chewing your food… SOOOO I slowed down. Told Danny (Husband) about this and he said he did it with the wine. 

— G. Popp, OH.


“My class with Sanna was fun, energizing, and a great success. Sanna taught me how to slow life down, and to Inquire. Each day I choose to eat well and be physically active. I’ve lost weight, look better and feel healthy. And the best part is that it’s easier and more effective than any diet I’ve tried in the past.” 

— J. M-T., Pittsburgh, PA

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