Are you still hurting?


Looking for a holistic healing approach?

Presenting! The Core Healing InitiativeTM
for stress and anxiety

Life is too short to live in constant stress.

If you’ve lost faith in healing after botched attempts, you are not alone because — everybody struggles with healing.

It’s true. Healing can be a frustrating journey, leaving many to prefer the pain.

You want healing, but you need to be guided to connect the events that created the hurt or trauma with the symptoms you have.  Where did it begin for you and now, how can you step into emotional freedom?

Suffering, healing and resilience are deeply personal.

Social support and advice from others is important. However, you may not realize that the struggles are yours, meaning the value and power you give them create suffering. This knowledge gives you the power.

If you have the problem, you also have the solution.

Life experiences, whether good or bad, shape and guide you in unimaginable ways. For example, the sudden death of a loved one can teach you to be more appreciative of others or being bullied at school can be social crippling without support.

Within every challenge is gold nugget wisdom for your life. 

My Core Healing InitiativeTM releases hurt and clears the way for resources and solutions that transform you.

You hold the key to your transformation. The secret lies in the subconscious mind and your commitment to heal wisely. Let’s take the pain out of healing.

The Core Healing InitiativeTM (CHI) partnership helps individuals who suffer with stress and anxiety and want a dynamic creative approach to rapid healing and change.

Imagine the moment when the veil of suffering lifts, and finally, you feel free! 

The Core Healing Initiative

The mind-body has innate healing capacity. Accessing this intelligence produces outcomes faster than mainstream approaches.

The Core Healing InitiativeTM, my signature program, is a dynamic, holistic partnership that taps into this capacity. You not only focus on the problem or issues, but connect more deeply with your true self.

CHI facilitates transformation for those ready to change their lives.

Within you is a strength greater than any life challenge.