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The Core Healing InitiativeTM
for stress and anxiety

If You’ve Lost Faith In Healing, You Are Not Alone.

Healing can be a frustrating journey. Whatever happened to you may be long over, but the stress remains raw and impactful. You want to get over it, but instead, you feel like you’re in healing hell. Having been there myself, trust that you are not alone because — everybody struggles with healing!

You may be ready for a more dynamic, creative approach if you are still hurting after months or years of standard treatments because life is too short to live in constant stress.

When You Hurt Too Long And Often,

Chronic stress hurts us in every conceivable way. Old coping patterns and beliefs quickly become familiar and automatic, contributing to anxiety. What was adaptive then becomes maladaptive now. Your history influences your development, lifestyle, and how you manage your life.

Do you know that the problem and solution reside in the subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind drives 95% of your life? This is why talk methods may not be enough.

You may be ready for a more rapid, practical approach so that you can

Stop Hurting; Start Healing!

Suffering And Healing Are To Be Revered.

Suffering and healing are deeply personal. The secret lies in accessing the subconscious mind, where the issue, your strength, and wisdom reside, and healing occurs. You can enter this sacred place with proper facilitation that connects you with inborn forces.

Go From Hurt to Healed!

You will discover a strength greater than any challenge when you heal wisely.

My signature partnership, called The Core Healing Initiative (CHI), facilitates rapid, effective healing to release old patterns, programming, and pain, including stress, inheritances, and trauma.

Energy psychology is an evidence-based, highly creative process that adapts to a wide range of stress and trauma to relieve long-standing emotional and physical pain.

Your Invitation To Begin Healing!

I invite you to complete the Is CHI for ME survey and set up your 30-minute Discovery Call. We can discuss your concerns, possible healing and I’ll answer your questions. Together, we take the pain out of healing because all you have to do is go inside.

Imagine the moment when the veil of suffering lifts, and finally, you feel free! 

The Core Healing Initiative

The mind-body has innate healing capacity. Accessing this intelligence produces outcomes faster than mainstream approaches.

The Core Healing InitiativeTM, my signature program, is a dynamic, holistic partnership that taps into this capacity. You not only focus on the problem or issues, but connect more deeply with your true self.

CHI facilitates transformation for those ready to change their lives.

Within you is a strength greater than any life challenge.